Piatra-Neamț, România, July 18 – 23, 2016


Welcome to The 23rd Central European Olympiad in Informatics!



For any questions concerning CEOI 2016 please contact:
Mrs. Florentina Ungureanu,

Dear guests,

MCA-2-3          Informatics is the science which certifies the human right to time, ‘time – this most mysterious extension of our being’, as Lucian Blaga said. Through you, time finds a conciliatory configuration between virtuality and reality, between present and future. Thanks to you, the contemporary world changes its facets.

          Curiosity, amazement, tenacity, the power to reach deep meanings and especially hidden meanings have provided you with a place in this competition out of which modern man can only pull out a winner. Together, by uniting individualities, you program the algorithm of the future which bears the shades of your minds.

          A famous Romanian mathematician, Grigore Moisil, said: ‘Science is made of affirmations and negations, but the experience of science is made of questions, answers, suspicions and doubts.’ The Olympiad is a good opportunity for the energy emanated by the effervescence of research to become a creator of affirmations and, why not, of negations. It is also an opportunity for communication to cross any linguistic barrier and any unusual circumstance, while the fact that you will be getting acquainted with each other will quantify the extra value of this experience.

          I want to thank the teachers who have trained you to cross your limits and at the same time I thank all the people involved in the organisation of such an event which celebrates science, professionalism and performance.

          We all hope that Romania will remain an experience that will stick to your affective memory and a landmark of your evolution.

Monica-Cristina Anisie

State Secretary M.E.N.C.S.

Nusa_Lupan-1          I kindly welcome you and wish you good luck in the competition that gives you the chance of proving your knowledge and skills.

          I am sure that you agree that the spirit of the Olympiad has travelled through history, from the well-known Greeks to our modern age, always generating intellectual debates in order to promote human values: intelligence, cooperation, performance.

          The Olympiad is the spring of your lives, a spring of ideas which are in search of the best way to being solved, of your capacity to focus after days and years of work and of the intelligence that you multiplied close to the absoluteness.

          The Olympiad also means the support of specialists, reuniting competition and friendliness, the desire to win and the ability to open yourself to your fellows.

          Although Informatics is a universal language, this Olympiad also represents a part of multicultural dialogue, because here, you will meet fellow participants. Nevertheless, you all have a common goal, that of discovering the ways in which Informatics will decide the fate of the world.

          If you imagine that every problem you receive to solve is part of a real problem, of vital importance for a person, a group of people, a country or the entire planet, then your solutions might mean a new life, a new way of adapting, a new step for overcoming ourselves.

          Dear students, your presence here, means that Romania will become for several days the heart and mind of our planet. Why is it so? Because your minds and hearts will be those that will give an algorithmic perspective of the future and we all hope, this perspective will be able to change the fate of humanity in a good way. It is inside you, like in a seed, that the informatics of the future lies. And this Olympiad can be an opportunity of turning plausibility into reality.

          I wish you all good luck and please may you all feel winners of the Olympiad, because each idea and solution that will come out will be on the benefit of humanity.

Nuşa Dumitriu-Lupan

General Inspector M.E.N.C.S.

VS-1Situated in the north-eastern part of Romania, at the border of the Eastern Carpathians with the Moldavian Plateau, Neamț County is renowned not only for its diligent people, but also for the Ceahlău Mountain, similar to the Greek Olympus. Here, the local legends tell us about Dochia fairy, the daughter of the prominent king Decebal, the forerunner of the Romanian people. Neamț County, a godsend, is, nowadays, a connecting area between East and West, South and North, bringing together Moldavia, Transylvania and the other Romanian historical regions.

Welcome to the city whose beauty triggered the symbolical term of Moldavian Pearl, a land directly connected to the peerless Childhood Memories and the realm where Steven the Great once wrote a memorable history page: the battle at the White Valley – Războieni. Thus, today’s meeting is only a reiteration of an enduring tradition whose permanent rebirth has been stimulated by generations of students and teachers, as representatives of the Romanian contemporary school.

This is the first day in Piatra-Neamț of the Central European Olympiad in Informatics CEOI 2016, another chance for you to prove your skills and the level of your knowledge achieved through hard work and long hours of practice, under the steady guidance and incessant effort of your remarkable teachers. Moreover, your participation in the Central European Olympiad in Informatics CEOI 2016, can also contribute to the consolidation of friendship among students throughout Europe and even more!

The Board of the Neamț County School Inspectorate congratulate you on the results acquired so far and wish you new successes in the future national and international competitions! We firmly believe that these days will turn into an inner urge for you to return here, to this realm of legend, history and outstanding beauty. Accept this as a challenge to come back to our beloved city whenever you feel like listening to the enthralling chimes of Bistrița river!

May your endeavour be fruitful here in Piatra-Neamț! May you have a piece of magic experience!

Good luck!

Viorel STAN

General School Inspector ISJ NEAMŢ



ArseneI would like to give you, from the very beginning, a warm welcome to Neamt County, for the 23rd edition of the Central European Olympiad in Informatics. I am glad that Piatra Neamt has been selected to host this edition of the Olympiad, which is both an honour and a great opportunity.

As President of the Neamt County Council, I personally feel extremely delighted that the Olympiad takes place here. Thus, this county becomes a European centre of education. By means of this event, I would like to promote and to encourage young talents towards the field of Informatics.

The new technologies in Informatics have determined fundamental changes throughout the world. The truth is that Informatics is omnipresent in our daily existence, irrespective of the field of activity. We make use of these technologies to handle the challenges that this society provides us with. And the development that we have achieved so far has required not only highly trained, but also gifted individuals.

Under these circumstances and to continue our evolution, we necessitate talented young people, dedicated to this domain, people, who through creativity and innovation, will manage to find solutions to all the endeavours that their future has in store for them.

I only hope that, among the participants in this year edition of the Olympiad, there will be a future researcher to contribute to the changing of this world.

May all the participating teams be successful in this competition of the brilliant minds and may you enjoy the beauties of Neamt County!

Ionel Arsene,
President of the Neamt County Council

Dragos_ChiticThe town of Piatra-Neamț has the honour of hosting the 23rd Central European Olympiad in Informatics, being after Cluj-Napoca and Târgu-Mureș the 3rd Romanian town which organizes such a prestigious competition.
The future belongs to technology and these young people give a new meaning to the future. The City Hall of Piatra-Neamț will support the youngsters in their efforts and the teachers for their devotion to the noble profession they practise.

Congratulations and may you all be successful!

Dragoș Chitic

Mayor of Piatra-Neamț

Luminita_VirlanOnce again, Piatra Neamt  hosts an international olympiad, namely the Central European Olympiad in Informatics. We owe the organisation of this event in our town to our students whose good results are remarkable and to our colleagues whose professionalism has been proven and to the performant way in which such competitions have been organised here. I am convinced that beyond the contest our guests will enjoy the beauty of a special  town. I wish good luck to everyone!

Luminiţa Georgeta Vîrlan

Deputy Mayor of Piatra-Neamţ